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May 17th 2018

Autosexual | Sexting Numbers
Autosexual | Sexting Numbers

This term refers to someone who literally loves himself or herself, literally. An autosexual is a person who would rather have sex with themselves over having sex with others. If you love yourself and pleasuring yourself you are on the way to being an autosexual. They get turned on by themselves and enjoy self-stimulation, it is sometimes the result of a break up or a bad interpersonal relationship.

Autosexuals will take themselves out for a cup of coffee, go to a movie and wear lingerie literally just for themselves. What does an autosexual do on Valentine’s Day? Buy themselves chocolate or wear some sexy fishnet stockings for just them, no one else. Autosexuality is both a mental and physical thing, they are attracted to themselves and will even masturbate to the thought of fucking themselves while literally fucking themselves.

If you’re an autosexual that had heartbreak in an interpersonal relationship and are looking to get back in the dating scene, then this sexting chat is for you. Our chat messages are filled with thoughtful and understanding texters who are here to listen to you and solve your sexual situations. Or if you want you can just roleplay on our phone sext line and have the other person pretend to be you so you can beat off to the one you truly love the most.

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