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July 13th 2018

Getting curved is being rejected, shot down, basically dissed and dismissed. It’s now defiantly not fun to get curved, it hurts at the moment because it’s so sudden but you need to take a moment to take in that big “N-O” you just were served. Once you’ve been curved you’re not the same dater. It’s like Russell Wilson throwing that interception on the 1-yard line to lose against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, Wilson has that baggage to carry around for the rest of his life. A proper curve is like that. You will carry it with you for the rest of your dating life, whether it is for the positive or negative.

It is mostly common when texting from your phone when you’re looking for some ass. It could be 3am in the morning and you think you can definitely smash this girl you just met so you take out your phone to text her. You text her to come over, drop your phone and start rubbing your hands in delight because you think you definitely getting some tonight. Your phone vibrates with a response and you open up the text on your cell phone and to your dismay you get curved with a “not tonight”.

When texting into our chat lines you are connected with someone catered to your specific likes, someone who has the same interests and hobbies as yourself, so the percentage of getting curved is very low. Plus, everyone on our text lines wants to be there, meet new people and possibly have a little fun. Time is money, so stop wasting both on awkward dates and meet ups or other phone chat communities that don’t work. Put your most recent curve on the backburner and pick up your phone now and text our phone chat lines and you might find what you want you’re looking for.

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