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May 17th 2018

Demiromantic | Sexting Numbers
Demiromantic | Sexting Numbers

Romantic is in the name because it’s going to take a lot for a demiromantic to be exactly that. A demiromantic does not experience romantic attraction to another partner unless they have already formed a strong emotional bond with the person. A demiromantic is the complete opposite of a fuck buddy and never heard of the acronyms FWB (friend with benefits) or an NSA (no strings attached). They want emotional attraction with a person before going any further physically in the relationship.

A demiromantic may not be texting our local lines looking for a quick no strings attached lay or a one-night stand with a friend with benefits. Hell, they probably don’t have any friends with benefits. They are strictly into only being romantically attracted to a person after being close to them in a platonic sense. Unlike the rest of mainstream America, demiromantics just don’t take it off if they feel that a man or woman is good looking. They have to get super close to someone in order for them to feel comfortable or attracted enough to move on sexually in the relationship.

That’s where a sexting chat comes into play; we have the platform and phone lines for all demiromantics to build up a relationship with someone they can hopefully emotionally connect to on a platonic level. Demiromantics aren’t too different then a lot of texters on our chat lines. We have thousand of texters all looking something different and a lot of them are truly looking for love and will wait to fall in love with the person and their emotions rather than just their body.

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