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July 13th 2018

GTD isn’t another Jersey Shore acronym about going to the gym and tanning, it’s a little more TMI then that. GTD means, “Get the Dick” or “Got the Dick,” basically stating if a woman says “GTD, girl!” she got the dick. When a girl goes on a first date or goes home from the club with her crush and her best friend picks up her phone that night and sees a text from her that says “GTDDD!”, you know that she had sex.

GTD is a commonly used acronym among millennial girls to say that they had sexual intercourse with someone. It is usually said when a girl has been trying to get dicked down by someone for a long time and she finally has sex with her dream guy.

If you see GTD written in an online dating community, it’s likely that person is looking for casual encounters, NSA (no strings attached) or FWB (friends with benefits) relationships. Someone posting GTD online is looking for exactly that, to just get the dick. They are not online or on our phone chat lines looking for a long-term relationship, they are looking for some quickie fun with a hot single that is ready to mingle. You’ll be rushing to grab your phone to text or call your girlfriend and tell her that you got the dick!

Our phone chat lines are a great idea to meet someone new who is looking for a hook up. Using a texting chat line to meet a casual partner, fuck buddy or FWB (friend with benefits) is a great idea because you can chat with them on the phone beforehand and make sure that they are down to get the dick or give the dick. It’s so simple to meet someone on your local chat line. Just pick up your phone, find the number for your local chat line and you’ll be instantly texting with someone who likes what you like and wants what you want.

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