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Half Night Stand

Half Night Stand

June 11th 2018

The traditional one-night stand is when you meet a sexy stranger and take them home for a night of no strings attached sex. The reason this new version is called a half-night stand and not a one-night stand is that the person leaves that night, not the morning after. This is a new trend with millennials and is probably due to the ease of transportation with ride sharing car services right at your fingertips. A big cause of urbanites staying the night previously had to do with the fact that public transportation shut down at a certain hour!

With a half-night stand the person leaves immediately after sex. It makes a lot of sense because there is no awkward small talk in the morning or walk of shames. Its just way easier to go home right after sex and wake up in your own bed in your own apartment, especially if the only reason you were there was for sex. This way you don’t have to look like death going down a flight of stairs with all the building tenants judging you.

If you can order a car with an app you can get around our sexting chat line. There are thousands of men and women and men that text each other every day through our service that are looking for half-night stands or NSA action. You choose the texters that interest you and you choose if you want to send them a message. When you text our local number in your area you are instantly connected to people looking for exactly what you are looking for.

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