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Netflix and Chill

Netflix And Chill

June 11th 2018

Netflix And Chill | Sexting Numbers
Netflix And Chill | Sexting Numbers

An original concept made by millennials, “Netflix and chill” is a euphemism for a home date that pretty much is going to end up with you two fucking each other’s brains out. The whole notion is that you call and invite your crush or a friend with benefits over to just chill and watch the popular streaming service. You end up watching some of your favorite TV show, probably an episode you’ve seen before because the whole time you are pretty much just making out until you hit the power button and get to the real thing.

The term has become so popular that Netflix created a “Netflix and Chill” button that will actually dim your lights and put your phone into “do not disturb” mode. Talk about setting the mood. “Netflix and Chill” became popular in 2014 but it is still prevalent in pop culture, social media and texting chat communities. The popular saying has hit every social media platform and has been recreated into every type of meme.

If you have Netflix and a phone you’re two thirds of the way to “Netflix and Chill,” you just need to find a partner. That is where “Sexting and Chill” comes into play. Pick up your phone and text your local chat number to find someone to “Netflix and Chill” with. You can start by just talking about your favorite series, documentaries or specials. If you don’t text you’re never going to know if you are going to press that special button.

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