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July 13th 2018

Polyamorous comes from the Greek poly, which means “many”, and amor, which means, “love”. Polyamorous basically means many loves and is used primarily in the form of polygamous marriages. Many Millennials have been breaking away from the traditional trends of monogamous marriages, mostly because of many of them having grown up in a culture where divorces are more common.

Polyamory isn’t just a free-fuck-for-all, there are still rules for the number of partners in the relationships. Cheating still exists, but consensual dating of multiple people is seeing a resurgence in modern dating culture. So much that online dating communities and phone chat communities have added features just for the polyamorous.

Polyamorous relationships really do differ from open relationships because in an open relationship some people are more committed to one partner than another. Open relationships, like polyamory, allow people involved to see other people, but an open relationship is more about fun and sex with multiple people while not staying committed to anyone. Polyamory is way more serious than that, it’s an honest and open communication with serious feelings.

There are many poly people in different kinds of relationship arrangements seeking sex, love and even friendship in online phone chat communities. Our texting lines are the perfect way to build a circle of polyamorous friends who you know have the same intentions as you do. It can be very hard to find the right poly person on the phone or getting through to what they actually define as poly. Some men may be looking for a polyamorous person on the other side of the phone because they think it will be an easy way to cheat on their wife or it could be a woman looking to “add a third” for just sex, not a legit poly relationship.

Jump on our local chat line to find real poly people with real genuine intentions. You simply describe yourself as polyamorous and what you’re looking for in another poly person and you’re connected to a texter looking for exactly what you want. Pick up the phone now because there are already people waiting for your text who can’t wait to hear from you.

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