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July 13th 2018

Some sex can be a marathon, but a quickie is a sprint. A Quickie is sex with none of the foreplay, role-play or cuddling/spooning afterwards. It literally means what the word describes, quick. It is usually with someone you have a relationship with, but is strictly sexual. A partner you have quickies with may be a fuck buddy or a FWB (friend with benefits), you’re not going to be taking this person out to a four star dinner.

Sometimes quickies aren’t enough to satisfy both parties, the average time to climax for a man is under five minutes while women typically require 20 minutes. So male’s quickie may be a lot different from a woman’s, it’s not like the movies where both partners get off during a scene of quickie intercourse. Usually quickie sex happens when the couple is horny or something triggers that emotion to take their partner and rip off all their clothing and thrust your self on top of them.

Super-speedy sex is often associated with a situation in which a couple is so horny that they have to bone down ASAP because they can’t wait another second. “The initial arousal of both people can help to make it a satisfying sexual encounter even though it doesn’t last very long or give a lot of time for build up of arousal,” she says. There are different variations of quickies that can heighten the arousal even more of a quickie. One of the hottest sexual scenarios is if you’re at a party and take your partner into bathroom for a quickie with no one knowing about it. What can even be hotter is if there is someone knocking on the door trying to use the bathroom while your knocking boots.

Some people fantasize about a quickie in the bathroom, but others are exhibitionist and love quickies in a public place. They get off on the risk of getting caught and the thrill of being in public. Sex in public places can be illegal so to be safe, our texting sex lines are perfect for those exhibitionists who want the thrill of acting out a quickie in public without the risk of getting in trouble. If you’re looking for a nice quickie on our phones lines, pick up your phone now.

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