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July 18th 2016



Auto-Correct Can Screw up Your Sext – Don’t use it!


A form of erotic communication that has become popular is “sexting.” People are engaging in this on all levels of society. Many people and now using their cell phones or computers to send images or messages to each other.


This is harmless enough, for the most part, within certain constraints. The auto-correct feature can wreak havoc with these dirty electronic love letters.
There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to excite someone and having your sext butchered. Auto-Correct is a useless and self-defeating feature. It does nothing more than infuriate. Auto-correct often times will take your erotic material and turn it into indecipherable mush. This happens when people send hot words that it does not recognize. The auto-correct feature turn people’s furtive sexual expressions into  virtual impotency!


Although your cell phone may catch on fire from all the words you are pumping into it, just be sure to get the digits right and get your message across! Auto-correct features will act like an unforgiving nun, standing above you with a ruler. And just when you’re trying to do exactly what you’re not supposed to do, she hits you on the hand with it. Many times it has happened that you’re trying to say one thing, and this ridiculous feature will say something else.



Imagine your sexting buddy gets a sext message that says ” I hate you, instead of I love you?”


If you are in the group of people who use “sexting” to communicate your desires to another, at the very least, in the heat of the moment, don’t forget to spell correctly. Sometimes slow is better; “sexting” in a heated rush will only produce gibberish and frustrate your lover, turning them right off. You may even end up saying the opposite of what you mean. A few extra seconds to get the words right may produce the effect you’re looking for, rather than a pissed off and exasperated partner. The auto-correct feature may correct you when you are actually being bad, and that’s the last thing you could hope for, want, or need, in a situation like that.


How to sext?  Certainly not with auto correct.  Turn it off if you want to turn someone on.


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