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Slide Into the DMs

Slide into the DMs

June 11th 2018

Slide into the DMs | Sexting Numbers
Slide into the DMs | Sexting Numbers

A slide into the DMs is when you direct message someone you are trying to fuck or hook up with using private messaging on social media sites. You usually need to be friends with the person or crush you want to DM or you might get lost in sauce of the dreaded “other” folder. DMs are also private conversations that you and the other user keep just between the two of you, kind of like our private sexting lines right here!

DM sliding usually happens when someone you have a crush on or want to hook up with likes a picture of yours or replies in the comments section which could insinuate that he or she is interested in what you got. The problem with DM sliding is that the success percentage rate is extremely low. It rarely works and it’s basically a looks contest with how hot you look in your social media pictures. Usually you DM slide into a complete stranger’s DM so you don’t have to face the embarrassment of being rejected or having the slide go around your circle of friends if he or she tells their friends.

This is why it’s so much easier and more effective to use our sexting chat line to meet new people. There is no embarrassment of rejection or having your information spread to your friends or family. You can also actually get to know a person on our text line instead of being judged like a beauty pageant from your social media page. Text our local chat lines now and drop the DM sliding act today.

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