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Third Base

Third Base

May 17th 2018

After meeting someone on a sexting chat you are likely going to have to round all the bases before hitting that homerun. You will probably start off with a single on first base where you will have a romantic make out. Then you will hit a double on second base when you will feel your partner up and down getting you aroused. After second base you will head to third base where you will hopefully get that orgasm. Third base is when you start play below belt, which could include oral sex, fingering and petting of the privates.

Third base is one of the more intimate bases in the sex playing field and you may not hit a triple until after a few dates. You might find that up for anything freak that is ready to go on the first meet up, but who knows if you don’t text. Sext our local fun lines to find someone in your area who wants to get finger blasted or you can roleplay as she pretends you are at her apartment or house going down on her.  

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