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1 on 1 chat with girls

June 28th 2016

1 on 1 chat with girls – A stripping story!

1 on 1 chat with girls | Sexting Numbers
1 on 1 chat with girls | Sexting Numbers

Some girls like stripping for the money, some for the attention, and a few because they want to please their man. Me, I like the money that I make during a 1 on 1 chat or sexting stripping call. The attention isn’t so bad either, but the real reason I love it, is I am a total exhibitionist. Yes, that is my fetish!


Some of my earliest memories were running around butt naked around my house and my mother trying to force clothes on me! As I got older, I took every chance I could to expose myself.


Now by exposing myself, I do not mean like some freak.  No, it was sometimes something as little as being naked all day home sick from school. Just being a nudist for the day, or sending naked pictures of myself.  The more I noticed boys and men looking at me, the more I started looking at them..and enjoying them looking at me.


Yes, once I was aware of the “power of the pussy”, I took every opportunity to use it. Giving someone a peek, just a peek, got me going. Let’s not get me started with 1 on 1 chat via skype, sexting or otherwise.


1 on 1 chat with girls | Sexting Numbers


Confession: My first “victim” was a teacher in College!


I was wearing a pretty normal button down blouse, but before I went to ask him a question, I undid a couple of buttons and the remaining ones I left loose. “Mr. Smith I need help with this math question,” I said as I leaned over his desk. Oh yeah, I was totally failing that class. “See..this one..” and as I pointed to the page in the book, I purposefully leaned on his desk. I did it at the same time he went to look at the page. Just as I did, my blouse came completely undone. I was wearing a sheer white push-up bra. Sheer enough that you could see my entire pink nipples.


It sure was fun seeing his face turn red! He quickly turned away, but I got an A in that class and I bet Mr. Smith went home and did some calculus!


After that incident, I became braver and started doing it more often. When I got my first car, one of the first things I did was drive out on the interstate with a short skirt, no


When I got my first car, I drove out on the interstate with a short skirt, no panties, .and a tube top. The first big rig to pass got an eye full. The trucker honked the hell out of his horn and did his damnedest to follow me…that was a little bit scary, but it didn’t stop me.


I became a professional 1 on 1 chat host just so I could explore my exhibitionist side.


I’d love to share more of my stories with you, but I prefer to show you instead.  Join today!

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