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Archive for May, 2018

NYC Sex Scene

Do This Every Night To Have Better Sex

May 27th 2018

Ever needed an excuse for your partner so you could get more sleep? Well, it’s your lucky day! Research says that getting more rest is the best bedroom libido booster. Women who got an additional hour of rest increased the chances of having sex or a sexting session the next day by 14%.

Stay Up for Sexting

How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

May 22nd 2018

Phone companies can give us cell phone’s with the biggest and brightest screens, a professional camera lens and bezel free looks – but we still can’t go 24 hours without charging our smartphones, if you want to stay up for sexting!

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Inside New York’s Yacht Sex Parties

May 17th 2018

New Yorkers are taking to the waters for bi-monthly sex parties aboard Yachts; your parent’s swinger’s parties weren’t this luxurious. These types of parties were started in 2006 to allow younger adults in their mid-20s escape the “gauche” sex parties of the booming New York City nightlife scene.

Blow Job


May 17th 2018

The term dominant is the other spectrum of a BDSM relationship where the dominant partner leads, guides, and protects the submissive partner throughout their erotic play.



May 17th 2018

The term submissive comes from the erotic practices of BDSM, it is when someone derives sexual pleasure from giving control to a dominant partner. The submissive partner willingly gives up some or all control to a dominant partner.



May 17th 2018

An autosexual is a person who would rather have sex with themselves over having sex with others. If you love yourself and pleasuring yourself you are on the way to being an autosexual.



May 17th 2018

A demiromantic may not be calling up our local chat lines looking for a quick no strings attached lay or a one-night stand with a friend with benefits.

Third Base

Third Base

May 17th 2018

After meeting someone on a sexting chat you are likely going to have to round all the bases before hitting that homerun.

Talk Dirty

These Wireless Chargers Got The Juice

May 12th 2018

Never be one bar or 1 percent away on your phone from sexting chat lines with these wireless phone chargers. Many bars and restaurants are lacking on the number of phone charging stations or they are always taken up.

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The Attitude Towards Celeb Sex Tapes is Changing

May 07th 2018

It seems like everyday there is a celebrity sex tape surfacing on popular media websites across the globe. It has become something of a norm to our culture to see your favorite actor or actress getting twisted out via cell phone camera.