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Archive for June, 2018

Sexting is More Popular than Phone Sex

Why Sexting is More Popular Than Phone Sex

June 27th 2018

There are many reasons why sexting is more popular than phone sex. When you think about it, nobody has time for a long drawn out phone conversation.

Sexual Energy

No Time to Talk? Why Sexting is In

June 20th 2018

In this day and age, having free time seems like something of the past. If you feel like there is not enough hours in the day, maybe you should consider sexting as a means to get some of your sexual energy out.

Dating Life

Revive Your Sex Life with Sext Play

June 15th 2018

Has your dating life been non-existent due to work and other responsibilities? Time to get it back on track. It’s easy to take action and meet new people through sexting and texting via the hotline.



June 11th 2018

A boner is a slang term when a male is aroused and gets an erection. The name boner comes from the male’s penis being as hard as a bone.

Blow Job

Blow Job

June 11th 2018

Blow job is just another of many terms to describe the act of oral sex performed on a man. Blowjob is probably the most common slang term in the whole world used for oral sex, and it being used some time after the World War I.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix And Chill

June 11th 2018

An original concept made by millennials, “Netflix and chill” is a euphemism for a home date that pretty much is going to end up with you two fucking each other’s brains out.

Half Night Stand

Half Night Stand

June 11th 2018

The traditional one-night stand is when you meet a sexy stranger and take them home for a night of no strings attached sex. The reason this new version is called a half-night stand and not a one-night stand is that the person leaves that night, not the morning after.

Slide Into the DMs

Slide into the DMs

June 11th 2018

A slide into the DMs is when you direct message someone you are trying to fuck or hook up with using private messaging on social media sites. You usually need to be friends with the person or crush you want to DM or you might get lost in sauce of the dreaded “other” folder.

Texting Lines

Learn About Other Cultures Through Texting

June 10th 2018

The texting lines are the perfect way to meet new people and learn about other cultures and ways of life. There are hundreds of single people from all around the world available to text and learn more about and all you have to do to get started is text the text line number.

Text Line Number

Insomnia? Text Your Way Out of Boredom

June 03rd 2018

To get started, pick up your phone and text the text line number. Then you will be connected to someone new and you can get to know them.