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Adult Sexting can lead to Other Opportunities

August 17th 2016

Adult Sexting can lead to Other Opportunities | Sexting Numbers
Adult Sexting can lead to Other Opportunities | Sexting Numbers

Adult Sexting Helped Me To The Top of a Fortune 500 Company!


Like anyone, there’s a lot of things that I want out of life. Unfortunately, many of these things take money that I don’t have and energy that I don’t necessarily want to exert. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a hard worker, but I’m not about to work at a minimum wage job just to barely make ends meet. I pick my jobs carefully. So when I decide that there is one worth obtaining, I will do everything and anything that I can to get it. While I have had many obstacles in my way, I have always found a way to get what I want.  This time, all I needed was a little bit of luck.



Don’t Judge! –  No One Gets Ahead Without Taking Risks & Having Some Luck.


Exceptional customer service skills and the ability to be personable are helpful in all jobs. I just did not know how important these would be for my current position. Because of my adult sexting skills, unique customer service experience and personality, someone saw my potential and decided to hire me. Yes, you read that right my “Adult Sexting”skills. I was an adult chat host; I am now the Customer Service Department Manager in a prestigious Fortune 500 company.  Which one? That’s best left up to your imagination. Of course, this is not something that will happen to all people, but for someone lucky like me, playing my cards right was the best decision I ever made.



I Met My First Boss on a Mobile Sexting Site!


We chatted for several months and eventually took our conversation to a level of both sex and friendship. We would sext often, but in between the flirting and occasional erotic pics, we would also talk about everyday things like management and business. I got my chance one day when he asked me for some advice on how to make a business decision. He wanted to know how I would feel if I were his customer.  He took my suggestion to the board of directors who approved the changes.  The changes I suggested they should make ended up bringing in millions of dollars for them. It wasn’t too long after that I was offered a full-time executive position.


I Earned this job because of my sexy and vibrant personality and the ability to think on my feet. Anyone who works in the customer service knows this simple fact. Treating people with respect and dignity is the best way of getting to the top no matter what it is you are doing. Who knew adult sexting would end up getting me to the top of the corporate ladder. I now have the money to do all the things I ever wanted.



Adult Sexting can lead to Other Opportunities | Sexting Numbers   


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