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Cheating sucks if you get caught. (but it’s also funny!)

May 08th 2017

Cheating sucks if you get caught. (but it's also funny!) | Sexting Numbers
Cheating sucks if you get caught. (but it's also funny!) | Sexting Numbers

This story is a little personal, but too funny not to share. Up front, let me first say I enjoy sexting. It’s a hobby to me, something fun you can do with total strangers. And the way I see it, I can go a little wild because these people are hundreds of miles away and they will never meet me.  I suppose that is why it’s a popular adult past time and everyone is doing it.  It really sucks when it does not go your way and realize you are texting the person in the next bathroom stall.  Trust me on this!

My reaction – Priceless!

The Set Up


Last Friday I was sitting at a bar, waiting for a couple of work friends to arrive. I’d been sexting with a guy earlier in the day and judging by the way my phone was buzzing in my purse, he wanted more. I had time to kill, so I pulled out my phone and glanced at his message. Totally obscene. But I knew I could top it.

I answered and had barely set my phone down on the bar when it buzzed again. This time it was a photo.

That kind of photo.

I looked around the bar really quick and didn’t see my coworkers. I had time to respond.

The Reveal


One thing about this bar is that the bathroom is unisex, with two stalls. Normally this means it’s packed, but that night there was only one pair of male feet at the bottom of one of the stalls. I ducked into the other one, lifted my skirt, and snapped a quick picture.

I heard a phone beep over in the next stall and a second later heard a satisfied laugh. The thought crossed my mind, but I pushed it out as quickly as it had come. Pure coincidence, the guy from earlier was somewhere in Colorado or something.

Then my phone buzzed. Loudly. And I saw the legs in the next stall freeze as I did the same.

I know what you’re hoping for here. But I’m not that bold. I grabbed my purse, straightened out my skirt, and flew out of the bathroom as quickly as I could.

The Aftermath


It wasn’t like I was scared or anything. Actually, I found it absolutely hilarious and so did my roommate when I told her later that night. I just like to keep sexting private.  I do not really want to meet the person that I am texting, it’s my thing is all. But that was easily one of the funniest and most awkward things that ever happened to me.  In case you did not notice, he lied about where he lived.  So I guess we are even.

It has not stopped me from bathroom sexting, I just make sure I am alone before I open the stall door.

Do you have any funny sexting or SnapChat stories to share?  I would love to hear them.

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