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The New chatting rules

November 11th 2016

The New chatting rules | Sexting Numbers
The New chatting rules | Sexting Numbers

Sexting, chatting and sharing content – the new Social order

Photos and text posts that one chooses to take and air for public consumption can tell a lot about the person. It has become an accepted principle that people who are continually posting information online may have a tendency towards narcissistic personalities. 

But, there is more to this theory than examining only one thing. 


There are many questions about the new norms of social media. Social messages have become an artifact of the culture. (Williams and Marquez, psychologists). This suggests, that one not only needs to look at the production of content but also at the consumption of it. Meaning is derived from not only the producer but also in the negotiated meaning of the viewer. The viewer will impart meaning to the selfie based on their own cultural and personal experience.


Sexting, chatting and sharing content can be seen as a form of performance art and self-expression. 


Scientists ran an experiment which used several categories of visual cues to make their predictions. The study found significant correlations between various visual cues and a number of personality traits. For instance, photos that showed emotional positivity predicted the agreeableness of the person. Using the duck face predicted neuroticism (Guntuki, Qiu, Lin, and Jakhetiya who are psychologists). Conscientiousness became predicted by being in a public location. The indication of openness was clear with the amount of eye contact with the camera. This research, as well as others, suggests that media contains a wealth of visual information that becomes used in a similar way. To how people judge visual cues of someone in person. This research suggests that there are many more levels of personality assessment that can become derived from selfies other than narcissism.


These self-portraits tell much more than is on the surface. They expose personality and characteristics of the person, even ones that they did not intend.


This is probably the reason so many people want to find discrete sexting numbers websites. So they can chat with live people instead of doing this.


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