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Cheating Wife Looking For A Man to Sext Who Is Not Afraid To Get His Hands Wet

July 30th 2017

Cheating Wife Looking For A Man to Sext Who Is Not Afraid To Get His Hands Wet | Sexting Numbers   Sext Me Now

My husband and I have an understanding. He is okay with me cheating so long as he knows nothing about it. Unless of course, he wants to hear about it and then I will tell him. He will spank me and then I will cheat again.

That being said, here is what I am after.

I need a man with nice, firm hands to spank me for being a bad cheating wife.

You know what they say about a man with nice big, firm hands? They have something else on their body that is big and firm too. I need a man who has both.

I need a man who has the rugged outdoors quality to him. A man who looks good in tight jeans and is not afraid to show it. Nice firm butt to go with nice firm hands. I need a man who knows what to do with his hands. Show me how you will please me. Show me how deep you will go in order to please me.

You do this, I will show you what my hands can do. I will take hold of your big “firm hands” and work them out really hard. Your hands have never experienced pleasure like you will with me.

You cannot be afraid to get your hands wet either. You get your hands wet. I will get your hands wet too.

Send your submission to Cheating Wife and Milf Who Sexts for fun. I will get back to those I feel have the strongest hands.

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