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Divorced Sexting Girl

Divorced Female Looking For Hot Sexting Partners

June 27th 2017

Divorced Female Looking For Hot Sexting Partners | Sexting Numbers   Sext With Me
What can I say? Never got to sow some of my wild oats and live out my 69 fantasies with him. Never got to do it with my husband, he never liked eating me or anyone else for that matter. Not even when I was nibbling on him. How rude!  I am kind of making up for lost time and I must admit, I am very hungry for something that I can chew on.

My sweet mouth (oops tooth) is calling.

My name is Ashely and I can get insatiable at times. Some say that I never get my fill. I am looking to sample all kinds of delicious treats. I love to sample all the long, hard candies. I love Twizzlers and I absolutely love to suck on lollipops. I am kind of impulsive with them, I usually cannot wait to get to the sticky center. I can suck on one of these things for hours. Carmel candies holes are good too. Anything with a hard shell and sticky center is a turn on. I can take in a lot. My mouth is open and ready for your candy.

Would you like to visit the candy store? I love “blow pops.” Do you?

You come with me to the candy store and I will share. Simply send some Sex texting Numbers to my candy store. The highest bidder will win his “Golden Ticket” into my “Wonka Shop” and maybe even my “shot” shop.  IF he is a really good boy I just may make a sissy out of him.

Your One Stop Candy Shop” by Madonna, Hard Candy, 2008 is my altime favourite song.

It sometimes makes me feel like the song is talking to me.

More about me?  I like all kinds of Music and wearing lace.  For some reason, I just love the way it feels on me.  You most likely will not find me in a pair of jeans, they are simply too tight and not comfortable.  I like stretchy pants better.



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