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May 17th 2018

Dominant | Sexting Numbers
Dominant | Sexting Numbers

The term dominant is the other spectrum of a BDSM relationship where the dominant partner leads, guides, and protects the submissive partner throughout their erotic play. The core of a “dom” is taking full control of everything. The domination in the bedroom has to deal with taking and not giving to the submissive partner so the dominant expects to be pleased in whatever way they like. The submissive is basically the dominant’s servant, whatever they want that was negotiated on they get.

There is more to the dominant’s role than just spanking the submissive’s ass, handcuffing them to the bed or barking orders. The dominant has responsibilities, has to practice safety in the bedroom and needs to communicate thoroughly with the submissive. For example, if you are practicing bondage play and the ropes are too tight and the submissive starts to feel no circulation in their limbs the dominant needs to untie or cut them as soon as possible. Always communicate and practice safety before starting a scene because once it starts you’re going to get lost in all your euphoria and emotions.

Are you a dominant when it comes to your BDSM relationships? If so, drop the whip and cuffs and pick up your phone and sext with a new submissive or slave potential.

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