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French Female

Sexy French Girl Will Bend Over For the Right Guy

June 02nd 2017

Sexy French Girl Will Bend Over For the Right Guy | Sexting Numbers
Sexy French Girl Will Bend Over For the Right Guy | Sexting Numbers

My name is MonteRay. I have never lived in Quebec City before but  I am finding myself alone right now because of a recent job relocation. I was in a relationship but it was too much for him. One of those Vanilla Boys, you know. When split, I moved and took the new job. Now, I find myself searching for sexting partners to fill the boredom.

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I also love to dance and go clubbing, that sort of thing. There is one thing you should know. It is the reason my last relationship failed. I have been doing things backwards my whole life, which brings me to my freaky addiction.

I love my butt and I love anything that has to do with butts if you know what I mean.

It is the only way for me to climax. Guys always say they want a girl like this, but many of them cannot handle it. Guess you could say I am a gay man trapped in a girl’s body. I am a butt girl, I love looking at a guy’s butt and I love the bubble butts. A man who fills out a suit firmly in the back will get my mouth to salivate.

I love grabbing a man’s butt and doing freaky things to it. Some girls like to go right for a man’s junk. A man’s junk is cool, but I prefer to take things in from behind. Just talking about it gets me hot.

Can you handle what I will do to you. Interested parties should contact me below. Must send me pics of your face, junk, and more importantly, your butt. The hotter the butt, the more likely you will be to hear from me. Suited butts get me hot more. Clean cut office guys with a firm, tight butt really get me going.

I will respond in kind. Any guy who lets me relish and enjoy his ass fully, they will get to enjoy mine(wink*wink).

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