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Live Picture’s Are Worth a Thousand Words!

August 29th 2016

Live Picture's Are Worth a Thousand Words! | Sexting Numbers
Live Picture's Are Worth a Thousand Words! | Sexting Numbers

Awkward Selfies Are Not Sexy!


For those of us who are not photogenic, nasty selfies are something that happens to us more often that we care to admit. This really sucks in today’s world where social media selfies are the feature of the day! I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. Like sexy shots that make you look like you have been in bed with a serious catchy disease. And shots you wish you had checked before posting. These type of pics do nothing for your self-esteem, your image or chances at getting a real live date in the near future.



Here’re Some Great Selfie Tips!


When taking a silly pose, try to do it with a mirror first so you can see if the awkwardness shows in your face. These things tend to show even when we don’t realize it. Keep your balance and try not to move your head. Keep your eyes aligned with the hand that is holding your camera because it keeps you in the middle of the image. Before setting up for your final shot think of what image you are trying to send. If it’s professional, smile as you normally would. If it’s for a hot date or live sexting think of something sexy that will appear in your expression. There is nothing more provocative than a sexy grin for a hot sexting session. It is important to be sure you convey the right attitude in your shot so it is clear and focused.



Please never do these things – never – ever!


1. Don’t take pics in a dirty bedroom.

I can not tell you how many times I see selfies and go holy cow does this person ever clean. People notice even when they say they don’t. They are just trying not to be rude.


2. Have a look around.

This tip comes from experience. A nice selfie intended for mom can be quite the disaster if a sex toy is sitting upright on the table nightstand after a roll in the hay. Adult toys away first!


Taking a selfie on the toilet – is just – wrong!


Pets in selfies are cute for family pictures, they send a weird signal in a sexy one.


Make your selfies fun and upbeat, angry selfies are not welcome.


Always, always photobomb whenever you can, just because, it’s funny!




Live Picture's Are Worth a Thousand Words! | Sexting Numbers


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