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I am looking for Sissy Partners for some Hot Chat

June 05th 2017

I am looking for Sissy Partners for some Hot Chat | Sexting Numbers

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My name is Jade and I like sissy type males. Probably because I have always liked small penises.  You see to me they are overrated. I like the way they tease me to want more. It is as if I cannot be fulfilled and I want more.  It is the longing that gets me off.

Let me explain some of my sissy fetishes.

I love to force men to get dressed up in women’s clothing and humiliate them. My clients say I have alot of pent up energy inside over the injustices I have faced with men asking me for sexting numbers only to reject me.Ok, so that is a fantasy, but it works for me. I need a man who is willing to play along and be given some guidance.

Finding a sissy to hang with can be rather challenging. Many do not know how to “categorize” me. I do not believe in placing people in boxes, I like what I like and that is that. I may dress them up in girl’s clothing, but I can go “ham and cheese” on a guy in no time and I love giving oral to men. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Looking for a guy who is secure enough in himself to have some fun with me. I love sexting. I have been known to spend many late nights doing it. It is fun to see the reaction from the guy I am talking to.

It is especially fun when the guy happens to be an “in the closet” Republican SISSY.  God Forbid!

Seeking a guy who can handle mixing sex and politics cause I am quite controversial. I like it that way. It is even better if you work for the republican party. This is one individual who is seeking some justice for the crimes that have been committed. Be prepared for some thorough vetting coming your way.
I may dress you in women’s clothes, but I will show you how I can love a man where it counts. You will definitely get the “O Reilly Factor” coming your way.

Do you think you can “handle” what I have got? Talk to me.

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