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My Sexting Buddy

May 16th 2016

There are positives for having a girlfriend for a sexting buddy.

My Sexting Buddy | Sexting Numbers
My Sexting Buddy | Sexting Numbers

She looks amazing, she takes me to some really fancy restaurants and the sex is incredible! There are however downsides. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but I wasn’t really interested in the heart, I was focused on an entirely different muscle and absence was certainly making it grow stiffer! Cassie worked away a lot, “you have to go where the work is” she told me as she walked out of the door a week ago. “But this is the third time in as many months” I had called after her barely disguising my irritation. “Don’t worry Mike, I’ll make it up to you.” The glint in her eye could have meant anything.



The first few days had passed largely as normal, but now I was bored…..bored and horny as hell! Worst of all my flatmate had a cold and in typical man fashion refused to die quietly. He was popping pills left right and centre, but his sneezes were still loud enough to wake the dead!



“Come on dude…..give it a rest” I growled like a bear with a sore head in response to the latest bought of coughing.
“Gib ud a break,” he sniffled. “I’b nod doing dis on burbuse you know.”


My Sexting Buddy | Sexting Numbers

Charity not exactly coursing through my veins I left him to it and slouched onto my bed. Six more bloody days of enforced abstinence and Hacking Harry next door……terrific! Just then my phone buzzed as a new message found it’s way to me.



“Hi sexy…..guess what I’m wearing ;o)”



It was Cassie and I wasn’t sure who was more pleased to be getting her message, me or ‘little Mike’! Desperate as I was, I wasn’t willing to show all of my cards at once, not without a bit more effort anyway! I hastily tapped out a response and did my best to stop my pants from cramping my ‘excitement’.



“Do tell, I’m waiting with baited breath”



The seconds ticked by and I swear the hands on my clock actually stopped and started going backwards. Then the phone buzzed again, no message, but an MMS began downloading. “God damn internet connection” I mumbled to myself. “Fastest available my ass!” Two seconds…..five seconds…..”Jesus Christ” I exclaimed. Cassie was framed in a slightly blurred photo, wearing nothing but a skimpy lace bra and panties. Her shapely legs were clad in gossamer fine stockings and suspenders and she was sucking her finger with a look that would make even the most worldly wise nun faint!



“You like?” buzzed another message



A week was a long time in the life of a twenty-four-year-old and beggars can’t be choosers! I loosened my belt, unzipped my jeans and checked my arsenal. Tissues – check, baby oil – check, door shut – check…..we were good to go!



“You bet your ass I like,” I fumbled back. “But you look somewhat overdressed.” I was having some difficulty texting with my left hand, but the other one was…..quite frankly employed in more fulfilling pursuits!



Another message buzzed its’ arrival and I waited for it to download. This time, Cassie was topless and facing away from me at a slight angle. She was bent over the back of a sofa and I wasn’t sure what I admired more, the curve of her ass, or the fact she was able to get such Goddam hot images of herself in the mirror!



“I want you to picture yourself bending me over this sofa and fucking me senseless. Close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest.”



I didn’t need asking twice and while my right hand beat a steady rhythm, I let my mind run riot. Although I was mildly aware of a faint breeze on my bare skin and the need to get a new draught excluder for the door, I didn’t want my visions of Cassie to become distracting, so I ploughed on relentlessly.



“Are you being a naughty boy for me” came Cassie’s next message.



Annoyed at being torn from my daydream, but eager to see what else she had in store for me, I opened my eyes and replied, “Close your eyes and picture my hands all over your tits and your ass… that naughty enough for you?” I was about to really crank up the pace when I happened to look over at my bedside table. The baby oil was still there, but the box of tissues was missing. “Must have knocked it over in the excitement,” I thought, “and I’m not about to go hunting under the bed for it. I’ll sort myself out and clean up later.”



It didn’t take long before the imaginary “me” had his work finished and refusing to be outdone, the real me quickly followed suit. My eyes were open as I read Cassie’s final post.



“God that was hot, I haven’t cum like that in ages…..what was it like for you?”



The grin had no sooner formed on my face than it had fallen to somewhere approximating my ankles. The box of tissues was back on the bedside table, completely devoid of tissues, but sporting a hand written note…..a note that Harry had wrote.


“Sorry mate didn’t like to disturb you when you were so…..busy. You need more tissues, and by the way, say ‘Hi’ to Cassie for me.” My little sexting buddy!



Needless to say , t was several hours before I emerged from my room, red-faced and extremely quiet. Harry lived off that story for the next two months and still never tires of telling it to anyone that might be listening. As for my last text message, it simply read, “Great…..but perhaps we should stick to phone sex and using free sexting numbers from now on- that is going to cost me a fortune and then some”!


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