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Naughty Female Loves to Orally Stimulate

June 02nd 2017

Naughty Female Loves to Orally Stimulate | Sexting Numbers
Naughty Female Loves to Orally Stimulate | Sexting Numbers

Everyone thinks I am Cute and Cuddly. Looks can be deceiving, I am not the girl next door!

My name is Meghan and while I appear to be the girl next door, I am far from it. I like to cuddle, does that count?  Didn’t think so.

I am actually really into BJ’s and role playing and I am looking for a sexting partner who likes oral stimulation as much as I do. And, one who is into the cosplay thing? Is that you? We will get along great if so. I love to dress up and act out my fantasies and characters. Do you have a favorite fantasy? Share it with me. The freakier, the better.

Everyone has their own addiction. My addiction is a bit different. I get into oral stimulation. I am addicted to going down on men. It is okay having someone go down on me too but I prefer to be the one giving the pleasure. We all have our hunger pangs. This is mine.

Do I spit or swallow? That answer is reserved for those who sext with me.

“You can eat all you want and you do not get fat. Now, where else can you go for a meal like that?”
–Madonna, Where Life Begins–Erotica

Truer words were never spoken. When I am not giving BJ’s I am usually chewing gum! I get into men and women, though my preference is men. My mood dictates what I am hungry for. Been known to go “downtown” all night. Been known to make a man limp out of bed and completely dry(if you know what I mean).

Some can handle this type of carnal activity and some cannot. There are men who are frightened by this, ironically.

“I am not ashamed and I love dic pics”

The bigger the meal you can offer, the greater the chance you will excite me, but there is a particular appeal to small too.  I can swallow it whole and this sends me to the edge.

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