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Numbers for Sexting

July 18th 2016


Numbers for Sexting | Sexting Numbers
Numbers for Sexting | Sexting Numbers

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Sexting Chess: A Little Deception And Checking Your Mate


Not unlike every other communications technology invented, men and women have completely mastered the use of the mobile to add spice to relationships. Of course, like any society-changing invention, sext communications have been taken over by the desires of bored adults to satisfy a hunger for X-rated fun at the 24/7 level—and why shouldn’t it?


Similar to every other great invention, however, certain people will use a wonderful thing like sex talk via text, to satisfy both a hunger for fantasy fulfillment and the chance to introduce a bit of humor into a relationship.


Men should be aware that all of their racy messages are probably not the exclusive right of their love interest. Women tend to do everything in groups. They use restrooms corporately, shop together, pamper babies together, and share every part of life with each other. It is highly likely that they also share intimate texts with one another as well.


Don’t be alarmed guys! It’s a woman’s (and her friend’s) prerogative to corporately digest explicit and interesting sexting messages. Consider it an honor that a group of hens takes an interest in a rooster’s emails and shares them. This fact of modern life creates a great situation to rule the roost with a bit of alluring talk, and ultimately some one-upmanship.


For instance, consider the average line of sexy texts and this unexpected outcome.


Him: I’m so looking forward to being with you tonight.
Her: Why? What’s the plan?
Him: …dunno, but I need it bad
Her: Me too, but wasn’t last night enough?
Him:I never get enough (wink emoji)


This is where she hands the texts to her friends while having something to drink around the living room coffee table. They giggle and review a picture of the guy with a few hints on what happened last night.


Him: I’m thinking about you right now. Too bad you’re at home, and I’m here.
Her: I’m getting a little hot myself (kiss icon)
Him: Too bad this isn’t the place…but my hands are thinking of getting busy.
Her: Oh, how I wish I could help (blow kiss emoji)
Him: You can just do me one thing. Feel like getting’ dirty? I do!


She passes the message around the table. Everyone laughs at the guys obviously caveman-like attempt at some electronic stimulation.  They all begin to wonder where she got these numbers for sexting from.  Not because they are appalled, because they want some number for sexting hot guys too.


Her: What can I do? I feel like getting dirty too.
Him: How about a pick-me-up? Just a little something.


The woman excuses herself to take a naughty selfie in the other room. As the ladies wait for a response, it’s checkmate.


Her: Did you like it stud?
Him: Yeah, but how am I supposed to enjoy them with these? I hate getting flats.


The ladies are silent in disbelief at a pair of grease-covered hands. Score one for the thinking man. She was expecting to trap her man in a weak moment in front of her friends, but something else happens instead. Needless to say, when he arrives home the joke will be explained, and the ensuing romp will be monumental.


Sexting doesn’t have to include the same old, same old. Adding a bit of wit, humor, and expectation is the key to having modern communications as relationship aides. Texting time is creative time—especially when the rewards make your toes curl and makes you want more numbers for sexting.



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