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Not A Looker? Become The Fabio Of Her Phone!

July 20th 2018

Not A Looker? Become The Fabio Of Her Phone! | Sexting Numbers
Not A Looker? Become The Fabio Of Her Phone! | Sexting Numbers

Any guy who takes the time to look at the cover of a romance novel, secretly cringes. Here’s some muscle bound dude who’s all hair-blowing-in-the-wind, wearing lace fluffs on his period costume, while her breasts are heaving out from a corset worn over her dress, and she’s in complete surrender. For the few of you guys who’ve actually taken the time, or just the desperate need for something to read while using her bathroom, to peruse the contents of such novels, it’s clear that only ripped guys with bulging pecs who can simultaneously seduce and betray a woman, is what you’re intended is into. Sadly, that’s so not you.

The thing about romance novels is that they’re fiction. Fantasy. It’s all make believe! While the cover art may immediately appeal to her, the largest part of the allure is that it’s delivered in her primary format for pleasure – words. Which is why any guy in America can score a sex-crazed babe, if he knows how! Sexting is the key. With sexting, you can take the time to write out your fantasies about her. You can indulge her every typed whimper and sigh, and do the work of building her up for massive orgasms – so that foreplay can then become hot and fast, like you prefer it to be, when you do get together!

No current love interest with whom you can practice the art of written seduction through phone dating? No problem! There are sites, like phone dating, where you can start sexting, and develop some really good skills with your fingers. Plus, you’ll get valuable feedback, so you can up your game for when the girl of your dreams does come along. You might even find her through a sexting app, since you’re getting it on with a hot local single in your area! You’re totally anonymous, too, so no one will know you’re “in sex school”. You can learn, grow, practice at your own rate.

Speaking of [ahem] growing, keep in mind that you’re going to be turned on every time your phone goes off! Because there are thousands of hotties, right in your area, who want to virtually fuck your brains out through text messaging! You can choose your favorites, or you can taste them all, while you work to give each other incredibly virile pleasure. No hassles of dating, or getting to know each other first. Just get down and dirty – and learn the true “language of lust” – right from your smartphone! What are you waiting for? Pull it out and get to sexting!!

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