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Professional Mistress Seeking a Submissive Male

June 05th 2017

Professional Mistress Seeking a Submissive Male | Sexting Numbers

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My Name is Casey. I am 18 years of age. I live in Edmonton. I am looking for one submissive (possibly two). My desires run deep and dark. I am into spanking, caning, flogging, and confinement. I seek a man who is into the same thing. I do not believe in using knives or needles. Submissives who are into these two things need not apply. I do like using chains, cuffs, whips, cat-o-nine tails, and other such pleasure devices. My pleasures are specific. My needs are specific.

I am not after a man who is a baby. I am not after prudes. I am looking for a sub man who is trainable. Do you like goth novels? Do you like anything to do with science fiction? The darker you are, the more worthy you may be.

Submit to me and unleash the tiger in yourself.

I am not looking for women. I am not looking for women who look like me. I am not looking for women who dress like men. I am also not looking to men who dress or look like women. These types of fetishes do not interest me. You are not welcome in my cage.

Oh yes, I have a cage. Only those submissive men lucky enough to catch my eye and meet all the requirements will be able to come inside. I will light some candles. Nice and soft. When your body is truly ready, I am going to get you off.

I have enclosed a video presentation. Your first role as my sub is to watch it. Reply to my ad by stating you have watched it. Only those who truly know their place should reply back. Those who pass this first barrier will receive a direct communication with me, possibly more.

P.S. Are you worthy to be my new Submissive? Time to prove it!

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