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Freelance Writers Get Off Using Sexting Apps

July 03rd 2018

Freelance Writers Get Off Using Sexting Apps | Sexting Numbers
Freelance Writers Get Off Using Sexting Apps | Sexting Numbers

If there’s one thing freelance writers, bloggers, aspiring novelists and poets have in common – besides a shrine set up for their dictionary and thesaurus – it’s words. There’s just no turning on a lexophile without them! While speaking may be our go-to form of communicating, there is a limited time and space for verbalized fantasies and naughty talk, in general. We pay big money to indulge in fantasy romance, erotica, and even porn! But those lack the individual connection, and the unique fetishes we’d like to have fulfilled because they simply cannot be customized to your desires quite like a conversation.

Sexual fulfillment is something we all need. Connection with others is vital to maintaining our health and inspiring creativity and better performance – even if that only produces epic volumes of script, teetering columns of journals all about the house, or a hundred more ideas scrawled upon scraps of paper which litter the entire desk. Connection and desire are what keep, and maintain us as human. I know I need dirty talk to feel ultimately fulfilled in my sexual encounters – but not just in the bedroom. That’s why sexting is one of the most valuable, yet underrated, modes of sexual fulfillment out there.

Even the most scrupulous grammar stickler will forgive typos and poor punctuation, if the message conveyed via text is sexy enough! As long as you’re playing along, participating in an erotic narrative that the two of you are creating exclusively for your mutual satisfaction, and conveying your deepest lusts and most private yearnings, that’s enough. It’s more than enough! In fact, sexting apps can be more fulfilling to those with a collegiate vocabulary than phone, cam, or actual physical sex- because the long build up, waiting for the return narrative, plus the tiny twinge of fear at our newly unfurled desires being unrequited, creates suspense. Every second, waiting to read your words of enticement, builds our intrigue, which increases the physical drive for climax, so when you mutually reach orgasm, on either end of the line, it’s beyond mind blowing!

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