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These Wireless Chargers Got The Juice

May 12th 2018

These Wireless Chargers Got The Juice | Sexting Numbers
These Wireless Chargers Got The Juice | Sexting Numbers

Never be one bar or 1 percent away on your phone from sexting chat lines with these wireless phone chargers. Many bars and restaurants are lacking on the number of phone charging stations or they are always taken up. Also, imagine you got a date from our sext line and you have to embarrassingly ask your date or the bartender if they have a phone charger?

We know you may have heard that wireless chargers are slow and that if you want an optimal phone charge you have to be plugged in. Well we are here to debunk those phone charging myths. It’s hard to find the best option for the masses since not everyone has the same phone, but there are now great options for wireless phone chargers for those wire haters. With some of these wireless phone chargers there will be absolutely no reason to pick up your phone and text this line.

Mophie wireless charging base: If you own an iPhone you probably have heard of the brand Mophie, as they are Apple approved. It’s so sleek and reliable that it is even in the Apple online store.

Anker PowerPort Wireless 10: This wireless phone charging is too reliable and a lot cheaper then the Mophie. It isn’t necessarily made for an iPhone because it won’t charge your phone at the max watt power output.

RAVPower portable charger: This cool looking wireless phone charger is for those people that really, really hate wires; like so much you don’t want to even bring them out. Then the RAVPower is for you. You still have to charge it at home but you can bring it out wire free.

Take these wireless phone chargers into consideration to have the best and longest phone sext experience on our text lines. Go out and grab one of these wireless phone chargers, get juice up and hit our sexting chat lines.

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