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Do This Every Night To Have Better Sex

May 27th 2018

Do This Every Night To Have Better Sex | Sexting Numbers
Do This Every Night To Have Better Sex | Sexting Numbers

Ever needed an excuse for your partner so you could get more sleep? Well, it’s your lucky day! Research says that getting more rest is the best bedroom libido booster. Women who got an additional hour of rest increased the chances of having sex or a sexting session the next day by 14%. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot but maybe shutting off your favorite TV show on that streaming service on your tablet or phone may be beneficial for your box.

Fatigue is orgasm overkill. You may see many of your friends who work their ass off and tell stories of being too exhausted to actually get or want ass. Rest equals being more energized, having a clear mind and body and being focused. All of these attributes are what leads to a better time between the sheets. A tired woman means no extra playtime, no creativity or kinkiness in the sack and definitely a shorter bed session.  Sex isn’t the only thing more rest will help a woman’s health, though it may be the most important one for the sexting community.

It helps kick stress to the curb. You are usually stressed because of your everyday life from work, that annoying co-worker, relationships, etc. You can manage emotions and stay relaxed. A happy you means, “sex please.” Getting the right amount of rest will also help regulate your hormones and give you focus to be mindful of yours and your partner’s needs.

Not only should you be doing these tips for a better sex life, but also you should be having a sexting session every night since we are always there 24/7/365. They always say you have to be in it to win it, so you have to chat to tap that!

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