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How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

May 22nd 2018

How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life | Sexting Numbers
How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life | Sexting Numbers

You would think that in 2018 you wouldn’t have to charge your battery twice or three times a day, right? Phone companies can give us cell phone’s with the biggest and brightest screens, a professional camera lens and bezel free looks – but we still can’t go 24 hours without charging our smartphones, if you want to stay up for sexting! While phones, OS systems and processors are all working on lengthening your phone’s battery life, the new features like the big, bright screens and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G make it difficult.

There is a huge market for portable cell phone chargers but they can be very expensive and not as efficient as they are marketed. Also, there are a number of charging phone cases that you can easily find online or at any cell phone store around you. If you’re on a budget and sick and tired of carrying around you’re charging cord and that big obnoxious block to go with it, we have some phone charging tips for you and your battery. Here are a few ways to boost your phone’s battery life:

Dim the screen: With these now huge screens many people want to show off their beautiful screens but it is killing your battery. So try diming your phone’s screen as much as possible for optimal battery usage.

Turn apps off in the background: This isn’t a myth, turning off apps you are not using will slow down your phone’s CPU and drastically save battery life.

Get rid of non-essential notifications: If it’s not a missed call, a text message or an app you really need to be notified about; turn it off. If you turn off notifications for non-important apps your battery will last longer.

Chill with the GPS and location apps: This is actually a big battery drainer. Apps that use GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data for GPS or location can suck the battery right out of your phone. Some apps automatically turn on your GPS but you can actually revoke the apps’ access to location services.

All these phone battery tips will help you maximize your phone’s overall battery so you can spend the most amount of time when you stay up for sexting. We know you’re going to be thanking us after you join the hottest chat line.

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