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Strong and Black I am Looking for Fun Sext Partner

June 02nd 2017

Strong and Black I am Looking for Fun Sext Partner | Sexting Numbers
Strong and Black I am Looking for Fun Sext Partner | Sexting Numbers

Once you have gone black…you never go back

When it comes to coffee, I bet your flavour is strong, dark, and ready to wake you up. And if you like your coffee the way you like women then I am someone you should be ready to sext right now. I am not overbearing because who likes a bossy girl?

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However, I am strong, black, and I know how to use what I have been given to make my partner happy.

When it comes to having a fun time, I must say I know where to start. Trust me when I say I know how to get you going, but I am also ready to sit back and see where you will lead me. I’m a strong girl, but I’m also strong enough to give up some control and let you take the reigns once in a while as well!

Confession:  I love sexting and having fun

Boring conversation is Boring! I’m into trying almost anything new, and I’ve been talked into doing some pretty crazy things before! (You should feel free to ask me about the wildest things I’ve done or have been a part of, after all, it’s part of the fun!)

When it comes time to dream up new things, I also like to be adventurous. Who likes the same old same old? Let’s try something new, let loose, and be a little bit wild once and a while! I have no problem with meeting needs, but I definitely don’t see myself as vanilla and boring. I like to think of myself a lot more like bubble gum. You might be comfortable when you take the first bite, but you will be chewing on me for a while. In addition, I’m not afraid to snap back and can definitely keep your attention and keep you coming back!


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