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May 17th 2018

Submissive | Sexting Numbers
Submissive | Sexting Numbers

The term submissive comes from the erotic practices of BDSM, it is when someone derives sexual pleasure from giving control to a dominant partner. The submissive partner willingly gives up some or all control to a dominant partner. Basically, the submissive partner loves to be told what to do, bruised, spanked and slapped. Think of the classic scenario of foreplay with the hot teacher (dominant) and the naughty student (submissive).

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the submissive partner, it’s perfectly normal to want to be the submissive partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay. A submissive partner might be called a “bottom” while the dominant partner might be called a “top” because of the dominant partner’s role in taking control in the bedroom. Society may see the submissive partner as weak but they actually get to experience an exchange in power with the submissive partner setting boundaries for the dominant partner and pre-negotiating everything.

If you love taking the role as the submissive partner you can sext on our chat lines and find a dominant partner for full BDSM erotica. Before meeting up with your BDSM beauty you should pre-negotiate by going over your boundaries, safe words, the type of roleplay and anything else that you two kinky guys and girls want to do.

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