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Sexting Numbers – the Who, What, Where and Why of it all

January 10th 2017

Sexting, Literally By the Numbers Sexting numbers might be a particularly hands-on kind of thing. Like any topic, there are some things you can only learn about it through careful study. Luckily for you, we won’t make you do it yourself. We’ve pulled together the answers to some questions you might have about sexting. The […]

Adult Sexting

Live Picture’s Are Worth a Thousand Words!

August 29th 2016

Awkward Selfies Are Not Sexy!   For those of us who are not photogenic, nasty selfies are something that happens to us more often that we care to admit. This really sucks in today’s world where social media selfies are the feature of the day! I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. Like […]

Free Sexting Numbers

May 16th 2016

With the busy lifestyles we lead, it can put a dent into the flames of desire. Does your current relationship stifle the yawn? Perhaps you and your partner are experiencing personal changes causing you to feel unsatisfied. We all crave the need for new excitement and attention.   You can practice your flirting and send […]