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Sexting Numbers – the Who, What, Where and Why of it all

January 10th 2017

Sexting, Literally By the Numbers Sexting numbers might be a particularly hands-on kind of thing. Like any topic, there are some things you can only learn about it through careful study. Luckily for you, we won’t make you do it yourself. We’ve pulled together the answers to some questions you might have about sexting. The […]

How to Locate The Best Sexting Numbers

December 23rd 2016

 Don’t Settle For Second Best   When the mood strikes for a little passion, what can you do? If you are like most human beings you try to connect with someone. But wait, what are the best options for connecting? You could always go to the local bar (boring! ) or you could let your phone do the work. Chances are, […]


July 18th 2016

    Auto-Correct Can Screw up Your Sext – Don’t use it!   A form of erotic communication that has become popular is “sexting.” People are engaging in this on all levels of society. Many people and now using their cell phones or computers to send images or messages to each other.   This is harmless […]